Social Influence IS Music Charting & Revenue

Your social posts in Vertigo directly affects your chart position and streaming revenue. The days of using social posts just for promotion without including your music are over with Vertigo’s patented ability to share life moments with music streams. Pictures, videos, likes, live sharing, chatrooms and mixer listening parties can all count toward credited music spins. Social posts from Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter can be linked to the music within Vertigo and count toward your chart position.

Let Your Fans Keep Your Music Spinning

Your top 20% most loyal fans drive approximately 80% of online social engagement. With Vertigo your top fans become empowered to act as your digital street team by socially spinning your music and amplifying your reach. For the first time, your fans can collaboratively listen to your music and promote it socially together which deepens their connection not only to you but also drives streams and consumption.

Here’s an example of the power of Vertigo. When your song plays on the radio, it’s potentially heard by 1 million people and you are paid for that ONE play.  At Vertigo, when you play your song every person listening counts as a stream at Spotify and Apple.  To keep the math easy,  let’s say 1 million of your social following tune in or see your post in Vertigo – you will get 1 million counted streams!

The Only Place to Legally Share Across Streaming Platforms

Vertigo’s patented routing of music between streaming accounts makes us the only place you can legally share music and have it count for each listener regardless of their chosen streaming platform.

Fans are not engaged with lean back passive music listening but lean forward real engagement with artists. Our patented ability to also layer live video, audio and chat in and around your music enables brand new ways to connect more deeply to your audience while amplifying your streams and creating revenue for you.

From exclusive listening parties, produced talent on talent moments or simply leveraging your radio promo tours and interviews, Vertigo connects to fans, revolves around your music and generates counted streams.

What Fans Are Saying

It’s all about creating an exclusive experience for your super fans to connect with you!

"Love this App! Can't believe Robbie spoke to me in the chat room. :)"
Kim SmithRobbie Williams Super Fan
"Kei is the man! I love watching his live streams after matches. Can't get enough."
John WilliamsKei Nishikori Super Fan
"She's so beautiful! So glad she has her own app so I'm notified every time she's in the chat room."
Liz JamesMaria Sharapova Super Fan
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